Philip Alan Tyler

So what's GRAN RAID all about then?

When pensioner Marjorie Brownlow discovers she and her friends have been tricked into leaving their beautiful Cheshire retirement home so it can be sold to a corrupt banker, and that they have no legal recourse, she decides to rob his bank to force him to sell it back.
Matters are complicated when she discovers he’s the banker for the London based McMullen crime family and that she will also have to tangle with rival local gangster Besnik Kurti. Fortunately, Marjorie is far from the innocent little old lady she might appear to be. She must use all her skills and resourcefulness, with help from her three best friends, to pull off a successful robbery, blackmail the banker and avoid getting killed by the gangsters or caught by the police.

Author photo Philip Alan Tyler loves exciting stories with a great protagonist. He first fell in love with classic sci-fi by the likes of Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov in his teens but has read almost every genre of fiction since. Favourite authors include Douglas Adams, Lee Child, Robert M. Pirsig, Terry Pratchett, Mitch Benn, John Le Carré, Jonas Jonasson.

He loves story telling and has always written sketches, short stories and blogs and eventually he decided to write a full length novel combining classic sci-fi with a modern mystery thriller told from an optimistic and hopeful view of humanity's future. This was followed by a non-sci-fi crime caper novel featuring super-resourceful pensioner Marjorie Brownlow and her best friends.

Philip loves reading, playing the drums, riding his motorbike and walking his dog in his spare time. He has been very happily married for over 30 years and has three grown up children and two grandchildren.

Coronnol Cover CORONNOL, a sci-fi novel, was released in April 2022.


GRAN RAID CoverGRAN RAID, a crime caper was released in November 2023


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